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regarding CPA

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)If you had a client that had a target CPA of $100, but their current CPA is over $200. What steps would you take to bring the CPA closer to the target without reducing the cost? Please be specific.

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September 2015

Re: regarding CPA

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Hi Subhadra,

You can start by:

- removing non-converting keywords
- adding in negative keywords
- reducing bids of keywords that have a high CPA
- checking the landing pages to make sure they are the most relevant / most likely to lead to a conversion
- check mobile settings to see if the CPA is higher or lower than on desktops
- check location settings, are there locations that convert at a lower CPA than others?
- check ad scheduling, are there particular hours of day that convert at a higher CPA?

These are just a few starting points, but should help you reduce the CPA. Some of them will lead to a reduction in spend, so you would then need to reinvest this saved money on terms that convert below the $100 CPA in order to maintain the same level of spend.

Hope that helps!



Re: regarding CPA

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Thank you Kate w.