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"Triangulation Method": Exact, Phrase and Modified Broad Match

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I want to set up Ad Groups limited to one match type only and I want to implement the "Triangulation method" which many of you might heave heard of. I wonder if it is still a good practice which is the reason why I am writing in this forum.


I set up an exact match ad group (Number 1) for the keywords [lawyer philadelphia]. In this ad group I don't have to use any negatives because my ads will definetly only appear when the exact phrase has been entered.


I then set up another ad group (Number 2) with phrase match keywords like "lawyer philadelphia" and will also include negatives: The exact match keys from ad group (Number 1).


Ad Group Number 3 is going to consist of modified broad matches like

+lawyer +philadelphia

My negatives are the corresponding exact [lawyer philadelphia] and phrase match "lawyer philadelphia" keywords from Ad Group Number 1 and 2.


Did I get that right and can you recommend setting up a local campaign like that for maximum control regarding the match type? 


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Re: "Triangulation Method": Exact, Phrase and Modified Broad

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Yes, this is how it's done. Many prefer using that way, it ensures the proper match type would be displayed in the search result unlike putting the 3 match types in the same ad group, Google chooses the highest ad rank match type. It also gives them more flexibility for showing very specifics ads for each keyword.

The downside of this method it takes much time to set up and you will end up having many ad groups that also will take a little bit to manage.

The bottom line is there are many methods out there can be deployed, each has both pros and cons. None of them are better or worse for all accounts.
It all depends on your goals, if you have the time, then go ahead and use this triangulation method. Good account structure is the key to long term success.

Re: "Triangulation Method": Exact, Phrase and Modified Broad

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It seems that you have set the adgroups correctly;
However; note; the goal of this strategy is a tightly themed ad-copies with the exact match and a broader ad-copy for the "broad match" as well as bid the highest  on "exact"

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