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"Invalid Click Rate" for Click-To-Call Campaigns

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Hi Folks,

With adwords click-to-call-only campaigns has anyone had any experience as to an expected "Invalid Click Rate"?

I know it varies from industry to industry and if the ad has a strong call to action ...

The ad creative is good ... states Call Now .. etc.


Total Clicks = Received Calls + Missed Calls + Invalid Clicks


Would one expect the Invalid Click rate to be 30% or 300%. I've no idea but was hoping someone may have had some experience with a campaign before


Many Thanks, Mark

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September 2015

Re: "Invalid Click Rate" for Click-To-Call Campaigns

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HI workflows


I am sorry but I cannot comment on an invalid click rate for a click to call campaign, however I can tell you a little bit about invalid clicks and how they are dealt with by Google and the AdWords interface. Hopefully this will put your mind at rest Smiley Happy


Google have detection and filtering techniques in place so that any mallicious clicks or anything deemed to be invalid will be filtered from the account, or credited back to you in your billing summary page (you will see "click quality - credit") in your billing summary, I have seen it many times within accounts I manage.


I have added some links for you to read, I think you will find these useful-


Invalid clicks

How does Google detect invalid clicks

Invalid clicks trouble shooter


Also, please see this article about how to ensure you have the column within your account to display invalid click activity-


Use columns to find specific performance data


I hope this is helpful, good luck! :-)


Best Regards