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"Broad match modifier" keyword in my ad that matches the suggestions

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I have a campaign with 2 ads and each ad has one "broad match modifier" keyword in it as such:


+radiant +barrier

+foil +insulation


Why then is AdWords suggesting I add these keyword ideas when they all include the same words I've chosen. I thought "Broad match modifier" would include any search that has these specific words in it so why do I need to add the suggestions?


  • what is radiant barrier
  • insulation with radiant barrier
  • what is radiant barrier insulation
  • radiant barrier in attic
  • radiant barrier for attic
  • attic radiant barrier
  • how to install radiant barrier
  • radiant roof barrier
  • radiant barrier review
  • radiant barrier reviews
  • spray on radiant barrier


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September 2015

Re: "Broad match modifier" keyword in my ad that matches the

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Hi Rhonda,


Broad match modifier is one of the match type available inside Adwords account. In addition to this, you have other more restrictive match types available as well which are phrase match types and exact match type keywords.


Find more about different match types here:


The idea is to generate as much relevant traffic as you can using the combination of different match type of keywords in the account. It's always a good practice to use different match types and then analyse how it is affecting your campaign's performance.


As far as suggestions are concerned, they are automatically generated by the Adwords interface depending upon the keywords you start including in your account. You can include them or ignore them if you want.


I would suggest you to read the below article on how to build the best keywords list:


Let us know if that helps!