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question regarding the current ad situation on YouTube

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Hey MosheTLV,


Thanks for your help on this situation. I myself have a question:


Do you know if/when are we going to get an appeal and video rating process for the 'soft-monetized' or 'shadow-monetized' videos? Like the videos with the green $ symbol that should have "no problems" yet they receive about 10 cents for every 1,000 views instead of $1 for every 1,000 views.


And before I get a reply saying "Age, Demographics, and View location" determine the CPM of the videos, I have extremely similar Age, Demographics, and View location for my videos, and extremely similar "ad-friendliness" in terms of video content, yet some videos earn zip for 100,000 of views and others earn normal rates.


For example: Mario vs Sonic Part 1 & Mario vs Sonic Part 2 are almost completely the same in terms of everything: views, upload date, ad-friendly content, demographics, and the same Green $ symbol yet Mario vs Sonic Part 2 seems to be 'shadow-monetized' where its "monetized" but not really.


And before anyone tells me to contact YouTube creator "support" or the YouTube "help" forums, this has been the worst experience trying to get help from these sources. With the YouTube "support" emails, I get super late responses or straight up ignored. And if I'm lucky like 10 days later I will get a super vague Copy-Paste answer that just says the exact same over and over again with no real help at all. The YouTube "help" forums is basically the same thing.


Like if I'm breaking the rules fine, I am willing to clean up my content, but what is truly inappropriate is 100% opinion based. YouTubes opinion on what is violent and my opinion on what is violent might be different, so until users get direct ad-friendliness grades for their videos, we won't know what we are doing wrong, let alone if we are doing anything wrong to begin with.

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question regarding the current ad situation on YouTube

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I'm not an expert on YouTube monetization program. So I can't help 


The best would be the you tube monetization help forum!forum/monetization-on-youtube

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