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plurals in phrase and exact matches

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using this example 

"red shoe"

"red shoes"




[red shoe]

[red shoes]


when using keywords, using exact matches and phrase matches, should one include the words and their plurals as key words or just the singular form? or should i just include both so as to be safe?

i have seen in some cases that the quality score changes could you please advice

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September 2015

Re: plurals in phrase and exact matches

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Hi volunteer c,

Welcome to the forum.

its not necessary to add the plurals.In your campaign setting you will find an option "Advanced Setting".Within this setting you will see "Keyword Matching Option".Select "Include plurals, misspellings, and other close variants".

Now if your keyword is [red rose] & if anyone searching for red roses then your ad will appear.

You campaign type should be "all features".Otherwise you will not able to see the "Advanced Setting" option


Re: plurals in phrase and exact matches

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Hi volunteer c,

Shuva is correct, both forms are not required to get impressions for both singular and plural versions of your keyword, but, the two forms are not always equivalent in terms of intent or response.

It is likely a person searching for "red rose" wants to know more about what a red rose is, or what it represents. It's more likely that a person searching for "red roses" is looking to buy some roses. Not knowing your particular market, I would recommend using both so you can track performance separately and bid accordingly.

Best of Luck!

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