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phone number above / below ad

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Hi Anyone who knows why in one ad the phone number is showing below the ads description text and in the other above it?

My guess that in one case the phone number is inserted because the advertiser is using call extensions and in the other because s/he is using location extension.

Or it´s just a test running...


Re: phone number above / below ad

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I think it's just positioning testing by Google.
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Re: phone number above / below ad

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Based on the Screen shots, It does look exactly like you stated.
In the top example, that is a Call Extension ( 100%)
In the bottom example that is looks like a Location Extension. then the call extension "replacement" of a number to the call extension

It is mentioned that Adwords would replace the phone number listed in "Location/Places/Maps with your "Call Extension details automatically.
Location extensions can show a “Call” button as well as a “Get directions” link.
When you enable location extensions and call extensions for the same ad, AdWords uses your address from your location extension and your phone number from your call extension.

Since these are two different location, domains, etc. It's hard to tell if both are using the full proper location extensions with phone number, or one is just using only Location Extensions ( bottom ad)