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optimizing text ads for mobile call clicks

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I need to create text ads to generate calls to our stores. I would like one ad for clicking to the store url on the web site but another one that will be generate click to call activity.


I am confused about how to do this.


i reached out to adwords and they said do these two things:


1) Device bid adjustments: set mobile bid adjustments higher for mobile devices (this is at the campaign level). " In other words, your ads will be entering the auction on mobile devices with a higher bid, hence the chances of your ad showing up at a better position will increase."


2) Mobile Preferred ads: "It is recommended to have a good mix of mobile preferred and universal ads in every ad group if your goal is to get more calls. Ads which have the device preference as mobile will preferably be shown on mobile devices but not only on mobile devices. You ads will continue to run on desktops and tablets but the system will give more preference to mobile devices for these ads."


"The benefit here is that you can have different ad text for your mobile ads and universal ads. Users behave differently on different devices like having call to action phrases like "call now", "call right away", etc. can be useful in mobile preferred ads. "



My questions are:


  1. Are these two suggestions the best approach?
  2. What sort of text do you add to the 'mobile preferred' ad to make it the mobile preferred version? is it just adding 'click now' or 'call today' or can you actually add your phone number? Or does the mobile only ad have the call extension or location extension added underneath?


thanks in advance.

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Re: optimizing text ads for mobile call clicks

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Hi Jay

1st question - Yes this is the best approach I would take on this scenario.

2nd question - by making it mobile preferred ads and changing bids for mobile will give it a better chance to show them on the mobile but this wont be only showing on the mobile,

And no call extension will show on desktop ads as well.