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optimize for conversion or call

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I have Taxi Business, most of business comes from one keyword "Taxi +cityname". I have set my campaign for most clicks, I am getting clicks but no conversion. would changing it to optimize for conversion change anything? as I assume normally users search for this keyword when they want to make a call?


thanks for any help

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Re: optimize for conversion or call

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The Ad rotation to "optimize for conversions" works well IF :


a) you have at least 2 ads in the ad group, but preferably 4 ads for desktop and 4 variants for mobile with different messages (call to actions) 

2) you have engough conversions on those keywords to allow the system to redirect traffic to the best converting text Ad. 


As you say that you have no history of conversions in that campaign, the system will not be able to optimize based on conversions, even if you do set the ad rotation to "optimize for conversions". Here is what the documentation says about your situation :


"Your ad group might receive fewer clicks, but it's likely to receive more conversions, which can result in an improved return on investment. If there isn't enough conversion data to determine which ad is likely to provide the most conversions, ads will rotate to optimize for clicks."


In order to get conversions you have to check two basic things :

a) The search terms on which you receive clicks mean an intention to order a taxi ? Look at the search terms triggered by your keywords.


Maybe many users are typing "taxi location cheap" and you could exclude the word "cheap" to obtain potential buyers.


b) If you try to obtain conversions from visits to the website , not call conversions, you need to make sure that the landing page allows for fast ordering and loads very fast, preferably under 3 seconds. You can use this service to check for the landing page speed :


You could be getting a lot of potential buyers from AdWords who do not get to see your page because it may be loading in 7 seconds instead of 3 and they abandon the visit. Generally this happens when the landing page has a lot of big images which are not compressed properly.

Re: optimize for conversion or call

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Hi Umair,


Conversions depend on several aspects. Some of the primary factors are - your keywords, ad copies, your landing pages. 


My advice to you would be -


  • Use optimize for conversions only if you have conversion setup done with AdWords
  • Work with your ad copies and landing pages to make them more targeted and convincing
  • Try call outs
  • Try Call-Only Ads
  • Do the A/B testing of ads and landing pages. 


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