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2.2K members online now
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not impressed with our results yet, wonder if we can make it better,

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actt number 991 725 3006


results have been very poor, wonder what we can do to make it better, need advise on improving it.  thanks Ray

Re: not impressed with our results yet, wonder if we can make it bette

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Hello New User ! Welcome to the Community !


According to the Community Guidelines, you should edit and delete your personal data, like the account number.


You can use several ways  to find improvement , but i'll just list two of them :


1) Use this community for self-teaching , which offers you basically a user-to-user interaction and a great number of optimisation articles , or links like this one


2) Contact a google tech suport person by phone ( there is where you will need the account number ) using the info in this page


If you want to go on path 1) , please describe what you have already attempted to optimise in your account, more details about your setup and the purpose of the promoted website.