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new user of Adwords, need your advice

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Hi everyone, I am new here and I started using Adwords one month before. I set two campaigns and each with over 30 ad groups.  I spend nearly 4 hours a day in Adwords Community reading all kinds of questions and answers, and it's helped me in understanding some basic knowledge about Adwords. But still, I have many queries:

->some of my keywords are with a status of "below first page bid", but my budget does not allow me to bid that high as suggested estimated first page bid,what else can I do to bring out a better ad rank? 

-> half a month passed, i did not get a single conversion, is that normal(I do have thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks)?, or it's just a matter of time? Half a month is far from enough to determine the performance?  

-> last but most important, what should I do to improve(clicks, conversions,...)? any specific tips?


very much appreciated if anyone can advise


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September 2015

Re: new user of Adwords, need your advice

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Hello Victor S ! Welcome to the Community !


Have you linked AdWords to Analytics ?

Do you know what "serch terms" people are using ?

Do you use negative keywords to increase the relevancy of your ads ?


Please take a look at the following hints and tell me later if you find anything useful that you could apply to your case


For increasing conversions, I have found that adding extensions like sitelinks / phone / location , can be helpful, and here is a teaching material that can guide you properly


Feel free to keep us posted with your progress !

Re: new user of Adwords, need your advice

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Hi Adrian B, thanks for providing me so much useful info, I am eager to look into them. Will keep u posted with any further queries!