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negative kw advice

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Ive been looking at my negative kw, and after running a search terms report and adding negative kw, i was wondering if its best to use editor and just make all my negative kw in broad match instead of some being phrase, etc


Obviously some kw might be better in certain search terms but i seem to keep getting found for kw that are similar to those of another match type already in my neg kw list.



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September 2015

Re: negative kw advice

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Hello ripleyhypno,


Negative keywords are the vital part of account optimization strategy. You really have to make the in depth analysis out of your search terms report whether to include irrelevant terms as broad match negatives, phrase match negatives or exact match negatives.


Adding all of them as broad matches might prevent some relevant traffic reaching your website just because Adwords will prevent your ad from showing.


Use  embedded match negative keywords at ad group and campaign level to achieve better ROI.


Use negative keywords list to directly include them for multiple campaigns in one go.


Read this informative article from Neha, one of the Senior member here, who explain in details about negative keywords.


Hope that helps!


Re: negative kw advice

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There are some brilliant ideas here! Negative keywords are an integral part of a campaign and it is really worth spending a few moments to take the time developing a negative keyword list that is relevant to your business.

The links that pankaj1782 posted above will help you get going with these (thanks for sharing them pankaj1782)!