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need help with local geotargeting strategy, account configuration

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trying to figure out the best way to do geotargeting. i have an optometry practice with five locations around a major metropolitan area. five towns within a major city DMA. do i set up five campaigns, one for each location, using zip codes + town names? what about people who are identified as coming from the broader city DMA area? i dont want to miss those people either. but if i set up another campaign just for the DMA, wouldnt it compete with the five, more localized town targeted campaigns for the same keywords?

then on top of that is the issue of using modified broad match or keywords that can possibly cross fire different campaign ads.

and then.... sorry.... most of the converting keywords have the city, town name in the phrase? how do you handle that with the geotargeting strategy?


any help would be appreciated. i also know there are mobile vs. desktop precision issues with geotargeting so i am thinking of doing a 'best you can with enhanced' mobile targeted set of cmpgs as well.

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Re: need help with local geotargeting strategy, account configuration

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Hello @Outofbounds ;

BMM is fine; I mostly use BMM, unless in a niche market, in which I include also the "classic broad".


I think that the major issue with your campaign is the redundancy of Geo targeting:  including the location names in the keyword. This is a redundancy. Leave location names  as part of the keywords only   for small / "less known" locations within your targeted region.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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