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my website is daily budget is around 1000

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My daily budget Is 1000

and getting around 30 clicks per day

but the inquiry is not generated yet.

I am routing the user in my website for generating the query but hardly I get 6 generated inquiry till now, So my question is how to generate more inquiry through which I can get more revenue

Re: my website is daily budget is around 1000

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Hi there,


It seems your landing page is home page itself with the enquiry form.


To increase the conversion rate you can check below points-

  1. Have you added the Google conversion tracking code on the website where user is redirected after submitting enquiry. In your case it seems to be home page itself and apparently there is no conversion tracking code.  – You can refer to How to setup conversion tracking code

This will enable you to track keywords which are converting in adwords and you can focus on those keywords.

 2. Keyword search term report- You can refer to keyword search term report to check which keywords are converting and which are less profitable from Keywords tab > Details > All

3. Add negative keywords: Consider adding negative keywords which are in search term report which are irrelevant to your business, this will reduce no. of unwanted clicks.

4. Optimise the ad copies- Do your ad copy convey the same service you are providing. If its relevant, conversion rate is likely to drop.

5. Keyword research- After referring to Search term report above, you can consider adding more relevant keywords for terms which are getting triggered.

6. Keyword match type- You can use the keyword match types to increase more relevancy. Using keyword matching options


After taking above steps, you may require to keep optimizing based on the campaign performance.


Hope this helps.