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my quality score is excellent and how can i lower my costs

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hi I have very excellent quality score wich is 10/10 in all keywords which i insert. but I have a very high cost ratio comparing to clicks generated. so please suggest me how can i lower my cost

Re: my quality score is excellent and how can i lower my costs

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What do you mean by cost-to-click ratio? If you aim for clicks and you have set up your campaign as a CPC (as you should in that case), you should only be incurring costs when you are generating clicks.


Your problem may also be that you think your CPC is simply too high. If your QS is already 10, there's nothing to gain there and you are already receiving a CPC that's pretty much optimal for the position you are bidding for. What you could do is:

  • Simply lower your bids. Your ad rank will go down, so there's a fair chance you will receive less clicks.
  • Drop the keywords that you think are too expensive.
  • Start looking for keywords that will bring you good traffic, but have lower competition and thus CPC's.
  • If possible, include ROI in your considerations, because eventually that's the only metric that matters.

And finally, if your overall costs are too high, lower your budget.


Hope that helps!