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mportant: Activate your call-only campaigns by June 23rd

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I got this mail from Google Adwords. Do i need to create call only campaign as per this mail or is there any other option?


Dear AdWords Advertiser,

 In March, we emailed to let you know that ads with call extensions using the "Just the phone number" setting will no longer be available. Beginning June 23rd 2015, these ads will show links to both your website and your phone number.  To ensure your ads continue to show only your phone number without interruption, you will need to move your ads to new call-only campaigns and make any necessary adjustments to your original campaigns. If you choose not to upgrade your ads, you could receive fewer calls to your business.  Activate your new call-only campaigns To help you transition your ads, we've created new call-only campaigns on your behalf based on your existing settings for AdWords account (customer ID: xxx-xxx-xxxx). However, you'll still need to manually enable your new call-only campaigns before June 23rd 2015 to begin showing your upgraded call-only ads. Learn how  We're here to help For more detailed steps, please visit our upgrade guide. If you have any questions about this change, please don't hesitate to reach out to your account team or contact us at any time.


 The Google AdWords Team




Question: I change my campaign setting to Call Only Campaign. 

1. Do i need to create call only ad also?

2. Can i run call only ad & text ad together?

3. Does Call only ad required more bid to get ranking on search result?

4. By doing so I am not getting call or getting very less amount of call or click. Is it due to changes in campaign?

5. If I am using text ad with call extension, my ads are almost at top position. But after the above updation some time phone number is not showing as title and result is in Headline Click. But when i am using call only ad, for the same bid amount my ad is not showing. I have to increase bid almost 3 times to be visible in search result. 

6. Do i really need to create call only campaign or is there any other option to fulfill my purpose of advertising (generate calls).?


Please help. 

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Re: mportant: Activate your call-only campaigns by June 23rd

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Call only campaign is a special type of campaign which is meant to drive phone calls for your business. These campaigns only run on the devices capable of making phone calls.


So I am assuming that you received this email because of this fact so that you can create dedicated Call only campaign, verify your phone number using one of the  methods (described here:


Call only ads are different from regular text ads.


You can run run both the ads but for regular text ads, you should have regular search or Display campaigns. Call only campaign is different as I said above.


Bidding for Call only ads campaign will take into consideration the same aspect of Ad Rank and ad auction but this would happen only for the devices that can make phone call. So based on this, your ad could be seen high or low.


I hope this helps!


Re: mportant: Activate your call-only campaigns by June 23rd

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I was told about this on a call on Friday with my Adwords Agency account rep.

Never got this email at all for any of the account we manage at our agency!

When I went through and tested to see how the "click to call" ads formerly set up under the old ad extensions were showing up on mobile, they still appeared as "Click To Call" only ads.

However, I've seen a huge drop-off (50% +) in call volume coming from mobile.

Has anyone else seen this at all?

Would have loved to have received this notification via email as well earlier.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?