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more impression but less clik

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hi all please heip,in my adwords account i have more impression but less clik what can ido,for example 750 imprestion only 5clickes

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Re: more impression but less clik

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How's your account is structured. In terms of campaigns like search only, Display only or Search with Display etc..


There is no definite reason behind it behind less number of clicks. 

But I believe as a first step, you need to look at the Ad Copies you are running, the text you have written. May be the users are not liking that and not clicking them, irrespective of the fact that your ads are shown regularly. Try adding some more attractive content with good call to actions.


Also, see what type of keywords you are running. Try adding some more variations and see if that could uplift the traffic.


My Thoughts!


Re: more impression but less clik

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If you are running a display campaign then this could be a scenario as display network has a lot of inventory leading to a lot of a impressions and users also dont search for your ads and hence you get a very low ctr in comparison to search network.


If you are running a search campaign, try modifying the ads by adding new attractive features, ad extensions ( callout, review, social, etc.) that would entice users to click on your ads.


You should also look at the keywords you are targeting. If the keywords you are targeting are not related to the ads you are displaying then wouldn't get much clicks as audience needs relevant content. 


In addition to this avg position of your ads could also be the reason. If you are ranked low on the page then you might get impressions but very less number of clicks as users might not see your ad in the first fold of the page.


Hope this helps.



Rohit Khanna