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more clicks and less conversions

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i am getting near about 50 to clicks on my campaign but the conversions are just 5 to 9. what could be the reason behind this

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October 2015

Re: more clicks and less conversions

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Hi Nidhi,

Every Click can not put a conversion but your effort make it possible. if you are getting 5 to 9 conversion in a day that is quite good but you still want to improve conversion there are few tips given below.

1 - Add More relevant keywords and Add negative keywords to refine your traffic and eliminate irrelevant Click.
2 - Increase your impression share and Use the search terms report to reach the right customers
3 - Improve CTR and Quality score,
4 - improve landing page layout and navigation
5 - Create a compelling and clear value proposition Ad
6 - Use ad scheduling and find out what is exact time when user are likely searching about you product and service. increase bid.
7 - Bid adjustment according to device which has high conversion.

Hope it will help you..

Re: more clicks and less conversions

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Hi Nidhi,
Its already a good conversion rate. Else it depends on the type of business you are promoting.
still you can further optimize your campaign by choosing keywords more likely to bring conversions as per your goal and business. choose keywords that are highly oriented to conversions which are different for B2B and B2C.
you can also change their match type to phrase or exact.
regularly check and add negative keywords from search terms.
A/B testing of your landing page.
bid adjustments for location and devices.
And a lot more things are there to optimize.

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