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major fluctuation on my monthly results?

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My results seem to fluctuate severly each month cutting my bill in half/ sometimes doubling it.  Why is this and how can I get my ads back to the top of the rank as I am really struggling!

Re: major fluctuation on my monthly results?

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Hi Andy 27


Consider the following.


Are any of these metrics also fluctuating?



Average position

click through rate


Do you monitor your keyword quality scores?


Are you making changes to your Ad content or landing pages that may be effecting quality score.  Are you making changes to your keywords (inc match type). 


Does this affect all your keywords or just a selection?


Is the product or service you are advertising subject to seasonal variations (school holidays, weather).

Re: major fluctuation on my monthly results?

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Yes the impressions, average position and CTR also seem to be fluctuating.  The keword quality score seems to change bwtween 7/10 and 10/10 over the last few months.  This was pre changes, the changes have only be made to ad groups since significant drop offs in clicks and impressions.  No seasonal vaiations.


Also we are paying a maximum of £20 per day focusing on conversion optimiser, target CPA (1 per click bidding).  The ad groups however are set to a max default bid of £40.10.  I don't quite follow this?


Out of interest how many keywords should we be looking at having per ad group?

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Re: major fluctuation on my monthly results?

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The fluctuations are most likely due to the conversion optimiser.  What Google does here is examine the variables and factors that have led to conversions in the past and uses this data to predict what changes it we will make to increase your conversions.


Thus usually means automatic adjustments to your bids which will effect what your campaign spends. 

When your campaign spends a lot do you get a decent return?


If you do then you may want to manually set your bids higher.  Look at what the average cost per click is when your campaign is spending more and you're getting the business in.  Or look at keyword average positions at when you're getting good results and try and maintain them by adjusting your bids.  Do this at keyword level rather than ad group level. 


These are just a couple of options, I really don’t know enough about the campaign to offer anything more solid. 


As for keywords per ad group - there's not an exact optimum figure.  More keywords in an adgroup can boost qualty score (to a certain extent).  Just group them in to closely related groups then you can tailor specific ad content that suits the keywords, aslo a good thing when it comes to quality score.