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lost all impressions & clicks

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I've been rationalising my two campaigns for my domestic cleaning agency.

In the past month I have had great success in reducing the amount of clicks I pay for that are for people outside my area, thus are no good to me. So all was going well.


Then on Thursday evening, I started looking critically at the keywords in both of my campaigns.

I thought it was a good idea to change from a combination of different ways of expressing my keywords to a single methodology, so instead of having a large list of words that are almost the same, such as - "cleaners" / [cleaners] / cleaner / cleaners...I changed to a smaller list of keywords that are expressed as 'modified broad match' such as +cleaner / +local +cleaner / +cleaning +service etc. I also deleted lots of 'low search volume' keywords & other keywords that are duplicates of my modified broad match words. 


On one of my campaigns, this seems to have worked fine with the usual amount of impressions & clicks but on the other campaign, its lost all impressions & all clicks for the past two days. I've never seen this before in almost two years of trading.


I could just go through a long exercise of reinstating all the deleted words, but while I do that I wonder if someone could comment on why such a change would have such a dramatic effect.



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Re: lost all impressions & clicks

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Thanks for posting your querySmiley Happy

Please confirm once whether you have paused or Deleted the old keywords that you have mentioned?

If you have deleted the old keyword it means you have lost the campaigns history as well.

so you need to gain the Quality score in new keywords.

However i suggests you that this not a good practice to do bulk changing with keywords or adcopy.

As you have explained that you have change the previous keywords into the Broad Match Modifier,it means you have forced the adwords to receive the low volume traffic, because previously you are using Broad Match as well, and hoping that keywords are capturing high impression.

so please keep the campaign to run in the same way for couple of days.As working with campaigns means Continuous Testing and it will not give always Thumb Rule result.

Please keep the updating the statusSmiley Happy

Rakesh Kumar

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: lost all impressions & clicks

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Hello there;

Deleted keywords continue to "influence" the overall account score after being deleted. However; since deleted, their "contribution" decreases over time.

Check this discussion on the topic; Look at Pete's answers (@petebardo )


Delete paused underperforming ads/kws?


I would recommend that you use both exact match and BMM. Bid higher on exact match KWS and use the "include closed variants" option to include plurals and ing forms- to reduce the number of keywords on your list.



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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