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looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

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looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

please have a look on this acount structure and give me idea how to improve it.

thank you everyone.

1) Adwords Account (with $1000 balance)

2 )Campaigns daily budget 500$  (10 Campaigns total, all campaign contain same keywords but differentlocal targeting location. Manual ppc.) 

3) Adgroups (each campaign contains 300 adgroups)

4)Keywords (Each adgroup contain 3 same keywords with different match type- broad , phrase, and exact )

4.1)Broad - 4$, phrase 5$ exact 7$

5) Ads 3-4 ads for each adgroup (keyword header or keyword insertion {Keyword:}

6)all ads -  average or above average

6) negative keywords campaign level and adgroup level

7)bid adjustment just mobile -80%

daily impresions total 100- 150

daily clicks total 3-5

cost per clics total  10-20$

looking to improve account and spend that 1000$ per day and aspect more impression and clicks

Any Idea?

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Re: looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

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Hello ;
Could you provide some more info :

  • CTR breakdown by campaign;
  • What business are you promoting? These are relatively expensive clicks, with low impressions...
  • What is the Lost impression share? (Rank and Budget) - see link below.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

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the lowest CTR is 2.72 and 3.64, 14 , 16
Lost impression share is 16, 27 , 57 total all campaign 32%
and lost budget 1.81%
and I am promoting local painting services

Re: looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

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Hello ,


These details are a little different than the ones in your other post. Now I see that in 1 campaign there are 300x3 keywords each with an expected cost per click of around 5$ , all stuffed in a 500$ daily budget. You are asking the system to decide which keywords to show for very few impressions until around 100 clicks are received from 1500 keywords.


What is the percentage of keywords with 0 impressions ?



Do you use a very restricted scheduling ? For example 4 hours per day ?


Since you only aim to see those 1000$ being spent,

Can you set the daily campaign budget to a higher amount to allow at least 2-3 clicks per keyword ? You can use automated rules to stop the campaign during the day if the actual spend reaches an undesired threshold.


You can also try the Shared budgets feature to set a single 1000$ budget for all these campaigns.


Re: looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

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If you are promoting Local Painting Service, what are your location settings?


Select a city level or suburb level targeting. Campaigns should be based on themes. Dont include all keywords in one adgroup. Even keep matchtypes in different campaigns. Thats a favourable option.


What are your Network Settings? What are your Device Settings? Is You Landing Page denoting clearly that its a local painting company's page?


Are you using ad extensions like call extensions (very good for local targeting), sitelinks, location extensions? If you are then thats good.


Hope this helps. Man Happy



Re: looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

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i use call extensions ,address extensions ,
site links ,
network - search network only all future
keywords tightly separated
landing page is average

Re: looking for account structure professional opinion and suggestion

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Good morning, Alex

further to my suggestion to you yesterday, since this is a service - either your own or for someone you know. That means you have more information about what people are looking for.

You (or your client; I'll just use "you" to mean both for now, okay?) can look to references from happy customers that you can use in your ads - they'r relevant and speak to the quality that you supply. This will form a "bridge" between you and your audience, and anything of this kind will improve your CTRs. This is the sort of thing I do on the search network and any CTR below 4% isn't worth the effort in my book because I haven't connected with the audience.

The other approach you can use is if you're up against a cheap competition - remind them that because it's cheap it doesn't mean it's good. Will they be satisfied with the results? After all, that dissatisfaction will run for years and years since that's the sort of time paint jobs last. This is called "scratching the itch" in direct marketing parlance - and split testing will quickly tell you which one is the most effective. The beauty of this is that it hasn't anything to do with the Adwords algorithm AT ALL.

That means you can use the results ANYWHERE, and know that your advertising will be the best you can offer. It's pure advertising, pure communications. Plus it's guaranteed to break that fabled 3% barrier; not by much in your case as your market's pretty broadly based. Still speaking to the people who like your business most will bring you the best clients who like what you do best. There's nothing quite like a good client to make getting up in the morning worthwhile!