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location targeting and Competition among keywords

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Hi Everyone,

I am facing issues in my account where my client have its business in "Bangalore" they deal in Flats.

We have created 3 different campaigns for 3 Locations

1. Local - Bangalore (Campaign is targeted to Bangalore)


2. National - Bangalore (Campaign is targeted to India)


3. Global - Bangalore (Campaign is targeted to U.S.)



People who are not aware of geographic locations of India, I wanted to inform them that Banaglore is Urban City in India.



Now I have keywords like "Flats in Bangalore", "real estate in Bangalore" & Apartments in Bangalore" in all of my 3 campaigns.


So, when I tried to see if my ads are appearing on Google and Checked the staus of these keywords in National Campaign by moving cursor on the Speech Bubble in AdWords, it shows me a Error:

"The location terms in this keyword can affect where your ads show. Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India What can I do?"


When I clicked on the option "What Can I do" is gives some location advanced settings to choose best settings for the account I was using the "People in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location" and then I changed it to "People in my targeted Location" but I am still getting the same error in my account .


I am too confused what should I do now and my campaigns are not performing well.

If anyone needs more details I can provide that too.

Please provide me the best solution for the same.

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Re: location targeting and Competition among keywords

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The first thing I would suggest you would be to exclude Bangalore from your National Campaign if you haven't done it currently. Reason being that there are bright chances that your ads related to Bangalore would be overlapping from both the campaigns ( i.e. Local Campaign and National Campaign).


Another thing could be done is to check the Advanced Location Settings ( as pointed by Adwords when you are doing keyword diagnosis. You get these options:-


  • People in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location (default)
  • People in your targeted location
  • People searching for or viewing pages about your targeted location

I would prefer to go with the Second Option especially for your Local Campaign.


Also, you can try few of the following options if you want:-


Try targeting the generic terms using Local Campaign.


Try adding the Bangalore related terms in your National Campaign, so that people who are outside Bangalore, if they search for term like flats in Bangalore, your ad should appear.


For US, you might prefer some restricted terms because honestly I am not sure how many users in US are especially looking for flats in Bangalore.


My Thoughts!


Re: location targeting and Competition among keywords

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Hi Pankaj

Thanks for your reply but I if I use Generic terms i.e. "Flats" in my Local Campaign then if Some one search for Flats in Delhi my ad will show to him and this will be irrelevant traffic for me.

Re: location targeting and Competition among keywords

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Use Broad Match Modifier Keywords

To use the modifier, just put a plus symbol (+) directly in front of one or more words in a broad match keyword.

Re: location targeting and Competition among keywords

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Hi Jatinder,

Thanks for your reply but if you ready my question from the Top of the page, you will get to know what is my dilemma.

Re: location targeting and Competition among keywords

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Hi everyone,

Please provide me a solutions for the same, i am still facing the issues.