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landing pages linking

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i have a very well known and credited recruitment website-

im running PPC campaigns using landing pages which are located on the same domain-

i have a few questions:

1. is it important, ppc wisely that the landing pages use my domain?

2. i was advised to implement some links from the bottom of my landing pages to my website, should i do that and if so, should one of the links lead to the site map?

3. this may not be the right forum but might those links harm my websites  seo?

4. would it help my qs if i link from my website to my landing pages?



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Re: landing pages linking

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Hi there;

Setting a a special "landing page" is a common practice for seasonal or special promotions; 

I, personally, do not like to link form this page to the business  website, since it might direct the user to another page without converting,  (while your goal is to get the user to  convert on the landing page  you created: -  In your case probably to submit  a form.)


Your QS is mostly and prominently CTR dependent; the higher the CTR (per KW) the higher the QS. (However,  do remember, that QS is -probably on a normalized / relative scale. There are industries and fields in which is it almost impossible to get high QS for certain keywords.)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: landing pages linking

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Hello Oded,


As Moshe said above, it is a indeed a common practice of creating separate landing page for your PPC campaigns because your prime motive is that the user should come, explore the page and probably convert right away. 


However, I don't think there should be any harm if you have some links in your footer of this landing page. For example it could be a privacy policy page, contact information page etc...That's my understanding.


As said above, Quality Score is calculated with a combination of factors like expected CTR, 

ad relevance and landing page experience ( So try to build a high quality landing page with unique content, good call to actions and relevant to what you are advertising without any unrealistic expectations.


My thoughts!