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landing page tips?

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can anyone give us any tips to improve our landing page any advice would be appreciated
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September 2015

Re: landing page tips?

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Hi Volunteer,


My 2 cents:

  • The page is missing important header tags: <h1> <h2> ...  Search engines use these to get an idea of the structure of your page
  • Layout-wise I would probably remove the borders, make the font slightly bigger and create a bit more whitespace
  • The form allows to book for the programme, I would probably want to get a bit more information first before signing up (but you probably want to check that with more people :-) )
  • I can't seem to get from your landing page to the rest of your website (in order to explore a bit more)
  • I would probably add a bit more contact information (maybe at the bottom) in addition to the phone number
  • The images don't have an "alt" text.  The alt text helps search engines understand what the image is about



Re: landing page tips?

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You need to completely re-do the whole layout as it looks like a website from the 90s.


-1- Change the font, it's not very readable.
-2- You need to decide on which elements of your page are the most important and give them the visual edge (ie. your headline is too small and is all the way to the left, include more info in the sub headline, how important is the video? you're cutting its width in half and just inserting it).
-3- Give the testimonial the whole width of the page and increase font-size.

-4- Give out more information. Why should someone book this trip? It's a big decision for any individual so you need to give him all of the information that he might need.



All in all, the main issue with the landing page is the presentation of the elements. You need to sit down and re-think about the page from a visitor point of view:


-1- Will he understand what is being offered?

-2- Am I giving him all of the information that he needs.

-3- Is the design user friendly?


You are asking the visitor to book the trip directly on the landing page so make SURE that he will have everything that he needs on it. Another idea would be to change the purpose of the contact form to a "find out us" type of form.