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knowledge Graph increases first page bid for regional search terms?

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I have a feeling the google knowledge graph results are assigned a bid value/competing against advertisers. can anyone confirm this?


When Knowledge Graph results were introduced my top keyword [cairns] went from an average position of 1.6 (From 2007 to Dec 2012) to below first page bid. As far as I could see no ads were displayed for the search term [cairns] for a few weeks after knowledge graph was introduced. All people got was the organic results and  Googles knowledge graph info on Cairns.


When I realised what happened I increased the bid until my ad appeared again. I had to effectively double the bid. As other advertisers realised their ads were not being triggered they also increased their bid. Now I pay double to achieve the same position for the same term.

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Re: knowledge Graph increases first page bid for regional search terms

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Hi Jodi;

This is simply called "increase in competition" during the years.... The launch of the knowledge graph has nothing to do with the bid.

@petebardo  just explained in a discussion about a similar  topic, why Google might not show ads.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: knowledge Graph increases first page bid for regional search terms

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Thanks Moshe,

I agree, there is a lot more competition these days but this literally happened overnight.

Knowledge Graph results appeared and the ads disappeared. It wasn't just my region. The same thing happened with other popular tourism regions like [Sydney] & [Melbourne]. Initially I thought Google must have decided to replace the ads for regional/geographical terms with the knowledge graph results.

Before knowledge graph was introduced geographical / regional names in tourism areas were popular & affordable search terms. [cairns] delivered the most traffic out of all my search terms. It was steady and reliable for years until the day Knowledge graph results appeared.

Just search for [Sydney], [Melbourne]. There are no ads. The introduction of knowledge graph results and the impact it had on geographical search terms minimum bid in adwords made them unaffordable overnight. It may have taken the tourism industry a while to work it out but the relationship with knowledge graph results and adwords is very real in my opinion.

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this?