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Hi All


I'm about to run a new adwords account and was wounder how to best structure it based on my main keywords.


Question is, is it worth bidding on all of these keywords, or will Google see these as related

and only show for one keyword. 


Also, how would this differ from Exact and Broad ?



Web Development

Web Developers

Web Design

Web Designers


Website Development

Website Developers

Website Design

Website Designers



Shall I bid on all  (plus include extentions to each wors for longtail)

Or should I only be bidding on one?




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September 2015

Re: keywords

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Hello spires,


Question is, is it worth bidding on all of these keywords, or will Google see these as related

and only show for one keyword. 


It depends upon how you actually structure your account and also how these keywords have been searched by online users in the past. And in order to know that, keyword tool is the best option. You will get to know average Monthly Global/Local search volume for different match types and other important metrics attached with these terms. You can read this article for more insights about different columns.


To answer the second part, you will have to understand the way how different match types (Exact, Broad, Phrase, Broad modifier) works. Especially when exact and phrase matches tends to include their close variants (by default) too, which wasn't the case in the past. I would encourage you to read this reference.


In my opinion, you could start with Phrase and Exact match types and if anyone of them doesn't work out well, you might be interested in expanding your reach i.e. by introducing Broad Modifier or to the most extent including Broad match, but be aware of the irrelevant traffic and you will have to review your Search terms regularly to eliminate the unwanted traffic.


You might be interested in reading this article.


Hope this helps!


Re: keywords

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Great reply by Pankaj. I suggest you check all the references he gave, meticuosly.


Anywa, this is what I probably would do to start with: add every keyword (each in a separate ad group) using modified broad match, phrase match and exact match. Like this:

+Web +Development

"Web Development"

[Web Development]


But of course, that would depend on other factors as well (competition, prices, reach, geo...)

Re: keywords

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Hi Pankaj

Thats great advice. Thanks for your help.


I'm planning on having one keyword per adgroup.

This allowing me to write a very targeted ad per keyword.


I was going to run everything on exact match only. 

But was not sure if I run on phrase or broad, if this will bring "Another adgroup is using that keyword" error, 

as they are close.


Thanks for the aricles to read Smiley Happy




Re: keywords

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Google Employee

Hi there Spires,


That's a good question! 


I wouldn't recommend having overlapping keywords as you can run into the problem you mentioned in that another ad could be triggering for the same keyword. However, if you have all your keywords on exact match you run the potential issue of them being "Low Search Volume" so not being able to trigger your ads all that frequently. 


In this instance experimenting with the different match types and your ad group structure to see what gives you the best ROI sounds like the way forward. If you get low search volumes you may need to re-think your strategies on the ad group front and give your keywords a slightly looser keyword matching option. 


Hope this helps.