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keywords with punctuation issues

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Hi All,


I have a question about keywords with punctuation.


I read an article about this topic( It said that "Periods and dashes do not register in the keyword field in AdWords in any meaningful way. If you add these two symbol characters, AdWords will show them back to you and preserve where they exist, but AdWords will functionally ignore them" then it said



"Rocket-Clicks is equivalent to Rocket Clicks

Wisconsin Ave. is equivalent to  Wisconsin Ave"



So follow the logic "nike" is equivalent to "n.i.k.e".... 


If "nike" and "n.i.k.e." show in a same ad group, are they duplicate keywords?


In my account ,I have this problem. If they are duplicate keywords I need to delete one of them, right? 


But in Adword Editor, it don't think they are duplicate keywords.


So I am confused.... 




Thanks for your help!


Best regards,




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Re: keywords with punctuation issues

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Hi Shirley,

If you have both nike and n.i.k.e. in your ad group now, do both get impressions? If so, have you looked at the search terms report for each? That might give you a little insight.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: keywords with punctuation issues

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Hi Shirley,

Apart from the great advice that Pete has given you here, I would just like to add that, Yes, what the article says is absolutely true.

Any special characters & punctuation's are disregarded when you are searching for something on Google. So essentially, yes, you do have duplicates in your account in a way.

What Pete has suggested is absolutely the way to go here. Check the Search Queries that 'Nike' & 'N.i.k.e.' both are getting along with the traffic. Once you have a sense of which keyword drives more traffic and more importantly relevant traffic, you can go ahead and pause the duplicate non performing keyword in the account.

The Editor is not going to pick this up as a duplicate keywords since it has those special characters in them. If you need to do a check on this, I recommend that you do a manual check of the same on Excel after you have removed all special characters & punctuation's.

Hope this Helps!



Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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