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keyword status

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I am new to Adwords and I have some basic questions.

I have many keywords with either a Status of "rarely shown due to low quality score" and "low search volume".

If I keep these keywords active, does it lower my quality score?

Should I keep the words or delete or pause them? I am getting impressions on them and a few clicks.


Thanks in advance,





Re: keyword status

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Hello and welcome!

If the keywords are receiving clicks i'd really assume that they are quiet relevant, so don't delete them, but rather try to place them in different ad groups more tailored to the keyword.

Also, make sure that the keyword matches to the ad copy.

And make sure to direct them to a specific landing page which answers the use for this keyword.

Following these practices will most definitely increase your QS and thus your bid prices.

Bottom line: Stay relevant.

Re: keyword status

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Hi Rcosync,

Use keyword tool in your adwords account for knowing monthly traffic on your keywords. if it is there then its good. Next try googling those keywords and see organic results. Compare your website and landing pages with organic results pages. See if your pages are similar to organically displayed results.

Google checks keyword, then ad copy then landing page and then website for relevance. Some keywords also get low QS as google decides that keyword is not relevant to your online campaign.
See if when u type those keywords in google(open google in targeted country using proxy) others ads, if any, displayed for those keywords have same theme as yours. If not then google finds you totally irelevant. If thats the case and you r sure you are not doing any mistake then stick to your campaign. If targeted users find it relevant they will click ur ad and spend good amt of time on your website/landing page, surely QS will improve.

I hope this helps. If I am wrong on some part other exp members should correct me.