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jump in mobile clicks coming through?

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over the last 7-10 days I notice on some of the accounts that I'm managing an increase in mobile clicks...

all other things being equal, I haven't made any changes that may have affected it...

I'm not using mob bid adj bidding the same on computers and mobile. 

has anyone else notice such a jump and what could it be due to?


Re: jump in mobile clicks coming through?

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Hi Petya,

I have a few ideas that I hope may help

- Could it be down to sample size of the account? Smaller impressions may result in seemingly larger changes?
- Could the market you are promoting in and keywords be more likely to be searched for on a mobile due to a specific event?
- Have you any bidding strategies employed that focus on conversions? It may be possible the system is targeting mobiles due to predicted increased likelihood of a conversion?
- Quite a lot of markets are seeing shifts towards mobile searches. This isnt uncommon in my experience. This does however tie into sample size and account reactivity.
- It may be wise to access your Google Analytics data and see if this is just Adwords traffic and if this shift is represented accross all traffic sources.

Hope those snippets may help point in the right direction. Im sure others too will assist with their thoughts