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increased budget but conversion rate dropping...

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Hi all,


I have just started working with AdWords and last week over a four day working week period achieved a CTR of 0.97%, with a conversion to my newsletter signup of 17.81%.


Yesterday, quadrupled my overall budget (largely to quickly test four or five variations of my Adwords ad copy)

I also changed my thank you page fairly substantially.

So far today, stats as below - thirty clicks (some ads performing better than others, so that's helpful learning) but not a single conversion...

30 2,115 1.42% £1.02 £30.63 1.3 0 £0.00


I'm trying to work out whether a significant increase to my daily budget could result in such a drop in conversion rates somehow...?


If not, the only other variable I can identify is the 'thank you' page - so that will need to be changed back.

Apologies if this isn't the correct forum for this question and I'm very grateful for any thoughts anyone can offer to an AdWords novice!





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Re: increased budget but conversion rate dropping...

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Hi Tim,


If it's only since last week you started working on Adwords, then I would say that it's too early to predict the performance of your account.


I agree that experimentation is really needed to achieve success in Adwords, but give your account some time. Review your search terms data and see if you are getting targeted traffic to your website or not.


Increasing the budget will simply keep your ad running for longer period of time. Instead of this, try looking at the hour of the day report and see which time period is effective enough in terms of conversions, clicks and all. Then decide whether you should increase your budget or put more money for certain time period and eliminate other time period.


A/B split test of ads is a good technique but by launching all these ads in your ad group, did you change the ad rotation settings so that Adwords can rotate your ads and show to online users. You can choose Rotate evenly or Rotate indefinitely to see which ad works better than the other one.


Let us know if that helps!


Re: increased budget but conversion rate dropping...

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Thanks Pankaj!

That's a helpful tip about optimising through hour of the day - and will be cheaper than me adding more budget to the account!

The Ads do seem to be rotating as they are all getting displayed - so I'm able to collect data on CTR for all of them.

I think it is reasonable for me to draw conclusions on the impact of the changes I made yesterday given the VERY dramatic impact on my conversion rate today - but I'd be very interested to know how many impressions, for example, people would consider enough to begin to be drawing conclusions from