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improve an ad with high impressions/low clicks?

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I have been working on adding relevant keywords for a while, and relevant site URLS. My impressions number has gone up quite a bit but my clicks has decreased. what are some good first steps to adjust the ad?

Re: improve an ad with high impressions/low clicks?

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Hmm... Who's to say that a "better" ad does not have a lower CTR? If CTR is the only metric which is important to you, then you won't be able to sort clicks from "good" clicks.... Do you have a conversion strategy - ie, something you want people to do after they click on an ad? Not all clicks are "good" clicks. What are those users doing AFTER they click on the ad? What is the goal of your advertising?


Re: improve an ad with high impressions/low clicks?

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Welcome to the community!


In addition to Mr. Tom, I would suggest you follow the following steps:


1. Identify and find those keywords/keyphrases which are giving you good number of impressions but not clicks. Then analyse these keywords, are they closely relevant to your domain? Use proper Match Types (in this case I would suggest you to use Exact Match and Phrase Match, and you also can use Modified Broadmatch) for these keywords.


2. Avoid using single word keywords in your keywords list.


3. Don't have as many as keywords (An ideal adgroup should have 30-40 keywords only) in an adgroup. Make an adgroup using tightly related keywords.


4. Use Click-to-call action words in your ads to make it more clickable and appealing.


5. Put keywords in your Ad title, descriptions and in url.


6. Do have variations in your ad-copies.


I hope this would work for you.



Anand Vishwakarma