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impression share vs top of page rate

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I'm not sure if this is correct forum for this question, but it sounded like it might be.


I am using keywords that are competing with three other advertisers.  I consistently have been getting a larger impression share than two of the others and I virtually tie with the third for impression shares.


But, an advertiser that is getting only 1/2 of the impression share I'm getting consistently gets a much higher top of page rate.  Over twice my top of page rate consistently!


The Quality score of my ad is 9/10 with Ad relevency average. Landing Page and Expected Click Through Rate are above average, (for now).


I can't get my head around this.  I'm thinking that a lower impression share means a lower bid.  But why then would they get such a high top of page rate?   I can't see their quality score being any higher than mine. I've watched and am actually thinking of copying their Ad text just to see if they are getting a higher quality score, but I just can't see it.


What can I do to analyze and come to an understanding of this?

Re: impression share vs top of page rate

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Hi Jack,

With a QS of 9, it is unlikely that they are getting a higher rank than you based on QS (there are 2 aspects to ad rank though). The more likely scenario is simply that they are more targeted with the times they show their ads.

Consider they have the same budget as you. Now consider that they have a much lower IS than you do. What does this tell you?

Well simply that they are making extensive use of the ad scheduling, and more than likely have much higher bids than the other advertisers during those times.

You will probably find that this is a fairly mature account and they have identified the most profitable times of the day to be on the SERP. They have thus restricted the times that their ads show and increased their bids for those times. This way they are able to always be near the top when their ads are showing but they show for less ads, namely not showing for the ads they consider less profitable.

Hope this helps