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if i bid highest so can i got top position ...?

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Hi ,


I have client who said money's no issue he always wants his ad's on the top #1. If i bid highest so can i got top position.




Re: if i bid highest so can i got top position ...?

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First off, vanity position isn't always the best thing for a business. Make sure you track what your ROI is as you move up in position. If you start getting diminishing returns, I'd talk to the client and let them know that they are probably better off in a more optimal position. I've had clients say the same thing, but once they realize that they are losing a lot of money (for no good reason), they change their minds.

That said, although bidding is a very, very important part of position, there are other factors that will influence how high you go. Namely quality score and competition. Google will never put you to the top of a SERP if if doesn't think you are relevant or better than the competition.

Here are some Google links that can help you (and to pass along to the client) understand position better.

Ad position

Quality Score