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i want to get my ad on top position of search terms ,how it is?

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how to get ad in all key word search terms

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September 2015

Re: i want to get my ad on top position of search terms ,how it is?

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Hi Jella A,


Translating to AdWords metrics, you'll have to work Ad Rank which is a product of Quality Score and your Bid amount. From a quality score perspective, I'd suggest looking at the account/campaign structure first as it makes a lot of things easier. Splitting campaigns based on budget, target location/language and products/services (if you have a lot of them) would help in being more specific.


Once your campaign structure is defined, you can pick up keywords from either Search Terms or Keyword Planner, group them based on their theme, then use appropriate negatives and match types to further refine the traffic. Having one ad group per product/service is a good practice, as you'd be able to create customized ads for each set of keywords which improves CTR and eventually quality score.


Using appropriate Ad Extensions is also an important factor, as it helps improve CTR, eventually quality score as well.


Speaking of the other factor of ad rank, bidding can be managed in multiple ways. If you're comfortable changing each bid manually and do not have a huge keyword list, you can choose Manual Bidding. You can then look at bid estimates and increase/decrease bids accordingly. However, please bear in mind that they're just estimates and vary with actual bids.


Since you're looking for top page position, you can use Search Page Location strategy which automatically raises bids to achieve top position when a related search happens. More info about Bid Strategies here.


I'd emphasize more on quality score, as it decides how much you pay for a click. Bad quality scores can cost you a lot more than actual competition, as you're looking for top positions.


Feel Free to write back!

Sumanth Sridhar