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i am running account but not getting any results

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Customer ID: 551-389-3527

in last fews days 47 clicks and expense is appo.400 .

but not get any results

Re: i am running account but not getting any results

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Hello ideaoverseas


Welcome to adwords community, 

Please remove your customer id, Because this is public forum, 

Are you using a broad match type keyword?, change your match type keywords use phase match or Exact match type keywords.  

 Download your search teram report, and use negative keyword.  


Re: i am running account but not getting any results

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You should check several things to optimize your campaign. Few of basics steps are:


1. Download search term report. For details of how to download the report click below.


Now this report will tell you exactly which search query is trigerring your ad and you are receiving clicks for which queries of the user. You can now chose the keyword in a optimal way so that you receive clicks which are worth for you. You can list the un productive search queries in to the negative keyword section of your keywords page, so that your ad won't display for these queries.


2. Appropriate landing page selection - GO back and chek your landing page once again. Landing page that is the wepage associated with your destination URL is very important. This should include all the products, services, their features that you have promised in your ad copy. Make ad copy and landing page content very relevant. For more info please check


3. Proper campaign organizing  -  Organize your campaign properly. Which means theming Ad groups and putting relevant keywords in that, and assigning appropriate landing page to that Ad group. This Ad group theming is very important. Now you have search term report so you can look back at the ad group structure once again and can decide the appropriate combination. To Know more on ad grouop theming visit -


Please share anyother issues if you have.


- Regards,