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how to improve my CTR in shopping campaign?

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Recently, I have created a shopping campaign in my adwords account. It is face to Canada.

I Subdivide All products by product types. But the total CTR is so low--0.5%. Can I control the search term as PLA campaign to each product groups? 


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September 2015

Re: how to improve my CTR in shopping campaign?

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Hello. In PLA and Shopping campaigns you may only use negative keywords, in order to prevent your ads from appearing for certain search terms.

The targeting of your ads is done by the system, which looks at your product titles & descriptions (mostly at titles though) and matches them to the search terms.

So in order to improve CTR you may do the following:

- use titles which are very relevant for the product itself and do not include any general terms in them if you don't absoutely need them
- use negatives for all search terms which are irrelevant and drag down your CTR
- adjust your bids until you find the sweet spot (you still show your ads but the number of irrelevant impression decreases through the decrease of bids and subsequently of the ad rank)
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