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how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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Hi All Adwords Experts,

I'm running "iPhone repair" campaign in Sydney.


The major problems which I face are

1. How to improve "Low Quality Score Keywords". 
Because of my strategy = ask people to call us more than click Ad ( Lower CTR ) , 
the major traffic keywords ( iphone repairs, iphone repair, iphone repairs sydney, iphone repair Sydney ) quality score are getting lower.


In this industry, I cannot ignore those keywords which bring lots of traffic. but Already major keywords' QC are lower than others. 


Is there any solutions to get back "High Quality Score" ?


Just simply give up Google adwords? 



2. Now I realized "keyword's past click through rate (CTR)" significantly impacted each keyword's QC. 

While I'm running very small business @ a tiny suburb in Sydney, I didn't have much time/knowledge of Google Adwords. 

But What I learnt after spending lots of money and efforts on Google Adwords are


 -. Local business owners will take high risk of spending more money on Google adwords.

Current Google Adwords System can't target to [Suburb Level] but my major customers are within 10~20km.

My Ads are shown to the Whole Area of Sydney, even if no customer from Bondi Junction (Eastern Sydney - but my biz is Western Sydney Area). Time goes by.... QC is getting Lower and Lower...

Hope for the best!! I bid higher and higher....

Thanks to Google's Amazing Adwords System..


When can Google update 'its system' to Suburb Level Geographic Target ?


-. Do I need to invest more money to hire Professionals?

My Industry is getting serious and under Heavy Competitions. Therefore some of competitors brought Professional SEO companies & Certified Google Adwords Partners.

I really don’t want to take any customers from other area and actually they won't come to my area. My Biz was enough to support my family and paid mortgage. But now marketing expenses are getting higher and the results decrease even worse the number of customers are getting less with high pressure of price.


Local customers are getting online more and more. We need to catch up this trend. So I did work hard However,,,,,
Like Normal Internet business Rule, there is no number 2. I feel like Number 1 tries to conquer the Whole Industry. As a local small business owner, It’s really hard to fight with a Giant.




I would appreciate any comments.


Many Thanks. 




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Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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Did you try Google's location targeting?  You could define the area where you want your ads to show up?  Surely it would reduce the impressions and clicks but atleast it would help you to restrict the area of coverage.  Please check the for link more information.


One more thing to try out would be adding location to the keywords.  For eg: "iphone repair west sydney".  Please use these keywords as phrase match, since you won't like some other words to match for "west sydney".


Reg. improving QS, you can try to:

1. Target correct audience - Specific geo-targeting

2. Adding negative keywords - "diy"

3. Trying out different match types of the keywords - since they are very generic

4. Highligth your USP to audience - since there would be many people doing iPhone repair


Other than that, you can also try playing with matchtype of the keywords and using AdWords features like Sitelinks, adding your physical address and also using Google Maps, since you are a local business owner.


Hope this helps.




Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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Hi David,

Nimesh already had some very good suggestions and to add to this you might be interested in this discussion how to target your customers when they are just around the corner:

If you are interested in people calling instead of clicking through to your website you could also use click to call extensions enabling people searching on mobiles to call instead of clicking. Although I guess some of your clients might actually not have functioning phones where to search fromSmiley Happy In that case it might make sense to target only desktops (you can change the targeting settings under the settings tab).

Good luck!

Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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Thanks a lot. Nimesh & Karl,



1. Current Google Australia Adwords System can't tell less than 40 kilometers. ( I talked with Google Rep. if its not ture, plz correct me. ) 


2. Therefore, Google's location targeting isn't accurate like what I expect ( within 10~20km ). 

this is the current sydney map and you can see the current google location targeting covers the whole sydney. 

however, my iPhone Repair customers are only within 2~3 suburbs near me. 


Why am I stick to 10~20km? according to my customers database, it shows exactly like that. 


for instance, Bondi Beach customer never come to Penrith no matter how cheap it is or how excellent it is. 

( Not like e-commerce, A customer needs to come to my store with his/her iphone. ) 

3. Industry Characters and What keywords drive 80% of traffic. 

I figured out 20:80 rule can be applied here.  What I mean is 'iphone repair', 'iphone repairs' bring 80% of this industry traffic. Absolutely rest of keywords bring some customers as well. but If i have limited resources, I should focus on Major Keywords. 

Now the problem is those major keywords' QC are getting lower and lower. 


4. Mobile Internet vs Traditional Internet

Mobile Internet Traffic increases steadily but In terms of bring major traffic, I'd rather focus on "Traditional Internet". 




This is google analytics - location. I'm very sure I did pretty good job to focus on my area. 

inside orange circle, there are some small circles which represent each suburb. 

I believe Google Australia tracks visitors @ suburb level . 

I wish Google can deploy this data to Google Adwords soon so Local small business owners can target more specific areas. 


Another Hope: 

how to improve low ( already ) quality score keywords which bring major traffic ?

( without increaing CTR ) 

I knew it's impossible. Good CTR is google's income. ( I tested successfully more impressions = more calls = more customers = less CTR but I didn't realize past CTR affect QC significantly Smiley Frustrated . ) 



Thanks a lot for this adwords community. I thought I'm alone to struggle with lots of issues. 

Best Regards, 


Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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You could try restricting your keywords to "iphone repair your area", eg "iphone repair penrith" and add the locations you are targeting to all of your keywords. If someone is looking for a shop in a particular area then I guess they will also search for that area rather than Sydney because as you said Sydney is a bit too big.

Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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that's right. but unfortunately those keyword search volumes are less than 8%. 

even my neighbours search 'iphone repair' instead of 'iphone repair penrith' ( actually i'm not in Penrith.)


my point is

in my industry, i can't ignore the major keywords which bring 80%+ of traffic.

and their bids are higher and higher~~~ my QCs are lower and lower... 


Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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  • 0. Let's look at only 'iphone repair' keyword. 
  • 1. A Company in Bondi Beaches Vs. B Company in Penrith
  • 2. Both companies have excellent Google Ads. 
  • 3. Start with Quality Score 7 for Both 
  • 4. Minimum distance 40km - Google Adwords Geographic Area. 
  • 5. Potential Customers/Visitors/Searchers = 1000 vs 6000 ( because the density of population is different by area. ) 
  • 6. The number of Impression starts with same. For instance, 7000 searches ( 1000 + 6000 ) .


Based on the current Google Adwords system. B Company's Ad will lose Quality Score gradually.


Under the same geographic area = sydney ( 40km ), we can assume the same number of impression.

But CTR will be different.

A Company's Ad will have higher CTR than B Company's.


As a result of this, B Company's QC will decrease.


Well, my conditions are too much exaggerated. 

however I think this kind of scenario does make sense to us, doesn't it ?



is it possible for Google to remove ' keyword's past click through rate' factor for Calculation of Quality Score ? 



Can I ask for help from NSW Fair Trading ?

Otherwise It looks like UNFAIR Game based on this kind of scenario. 

Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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Get Local with ZIP Code targeting

As previously announced, you can now target 5-digit U.S. ZIP codes in AdWords campaigns on Google Search and Display networks. ZIP code targeting can help you reach the same audiences as your direct mail campaigns, target specific service areas, reach more profitable customers, or optimize national campaigns at a more local level.


Re: how to improve low quality score keywords but those are major traffic driven keywords. knowledge

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Hi David,

I get what you're saying but just as you said, your competitors will get more clicks because they cover a larger area which means that all things being equal, an ad for your competitor could be more relevant to people if they are covering more areas and you are actually not servicing the area you are advertising in. This is why I would use location names in your keywords to secure higher QS-s.

Restricting your targeting to your specific area would help a lot there too, did you try targeting with 10km radius? I'm not sure how accurate the targeting is though. Location targeting accuracy depends a lot of network providers and is not entirely up to Google.

On another note, what are your CTR-s actually? If your CTR is decent enough other factors might be causing the low QS. Branded terms can get pretty low QS-s because of bad historical user experience on these terms.