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how to do calculation on weighted quality score ?

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We have a set of account, we do track quality score changes every 15 days. we use some products formula for identified weighted QS.

Sumproduct = (Sum of keywords QS/Sum of keywords Impressions)/(Sum of keywords Impressions)

kindly let us know if this way of calculating is correct. if not please let me know.




Re: how to do calculation on weighted quality score ?

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Hi Rakesh

I believe you can use weighted QS assessments to highlight areas of opportunity / weakness when looking at ad groups / campaigns. Brad Geddes has several examples online of how to use a weighted QS formula for this purpose.

I believe this is how you would use weighted QS formulas if my thinking is correct? If so, the formula seems one approach to calculate this.

For my 2 cents, I prefer the QS script tracker, courtesy of Martin Roettgerdin. This allows you to track KW QS so you also have a log and get pinpointed a lot quicker than 15 days.

An additional problem as we know, averages can lie and if you have a lot of QS movement, the date you analyse (the 15th day) may impact significantly the results and paint a view that may not be truly representative.

Hope that helps a little, I am sure others will help out also.


var email_address = "YOUR_EMAIL_HERE"; // Change this to be notified of changes
var label_name = "Track QS";

function main() {
var labelIterator = AdWordsApp.labels().withCondition("Name = '" + label_name + "'").get();
// If there is no label, this is the first time this script is running
// Create the spreadsheet
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.create("AdWords Quality Score Tracker");
Logger.log("Spreadsheet for QS history created: " + spreadsheet.getUrl());
var sheet = spreadsheet.getActiveSheet();
sheet.setName("QS history");
// Put in the table headings
sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, 6).setValues([["Date", "Campaign", "AdGroup", "Keyword", "Quality Score", "Change"]]);
sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, 6).setFontWeight("bold");
// Create the label and save the spreadsheet's URL in the description
AdWordsApp.createLabel(label_name, "Marks Keywords for QS tracking. Results are here: " + spreadsheet.getUrl() + " (keep URL in this description)", "#339999");
Logger.log("Label '" + label_name + "' has been created. Apply this label to all keywords want to track. Then run the script again.");
for(i = 1; i <= 10; i++){
AdWordsApp.createLabel("QS: " + i, "Used for QS comparison.", "#ffffff");
Logger.log("Ten additional labels ('QS: 1' to 'QS: 10') have been created. Those are needed by the script to compare old and new Quality Scores later. You can just ignore those.");

// There is a label so get it and get the spreadsheet's URL from its description
label =;
var matches = new RegExp(' (http(s?)://[^ ]+) ').exec(label.getDescription());
if (!matches || !matches[1]) {
throw "Couldn't get spreadsheet URL from label description: " + label.getDescription();
var spreadsheetUrl = matches[1];
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(spreadsheetUrl);
var alert_text = new Array();
var history = new Array();
var currentTime = new Date();
var today = (currentTime.getMonth() + 1) + "/" + currentTime.getDate() + "/" + currentTime.getFullYear();
var keywordIterator = label.keywords().get();
var line_counter = 0;
while (keywordIterator.hasNext()) {
var keyword =;
var current_quality_score = keyword.getQualityScore();
keywordLabelsIterator = keyword.labels().withCondition("Name STARTS_WITH 'QS: '").get();
keyword_label =;
var matches = new RegExp('QS: ([0-9]+)$').exec(keyword_label.getName());
old_quality_score = matches[1];
old_quality_score = 0;
// For the history also note the change or whether this keyword is new
if(old_quality_score > 0) var change = current_quality_score - old_quality_score;
else var change = "NEW";
var row = [today, keyword.getCampaign().getName(), keyword.getAdGroup().getName(), keyword.getText(), current_quality_score, change];
// If there is a previously tracked quality score and it's different from the current one...
if(old_quality_score > 0 && current_quality_score != old_quality_score){
// Make a note of this to log it and possibly send it via email later
alert_text.push(current_quality_score + "\t" + old_quality_score + "\t" + change + "\t" + keyword.getText());
// Remove the old label
// Store the current QS for the next time by using a label
keyword.applyLabel("QS: " + current_quality_score);

if(line_counter == 0){
Logger.log("Couldn't find any keywords marked for quality score tracking. To mark keywords for tracking, apply the label '" + label_name + "' to those keywords.");
Logger.log("Tracked " + line_counter + " keyword quality scores. To select different keywords for tracking, apply the label '" + label_name + "' to those keywords.");
// Store history
var history_sheet = spreadsheet.getSheetByName('QS history');
history_sheet.getRange(history_sheet.getLastRow()+1, 1, history.length, 6).setValues(history);
// If there are notes for alerts then prepare a message to log and possibly send via email
var message = "The following quality score changes were discovered:\nNew\tOld\tChange\tKeyword\n";
for(i = 0; i < alert_text.length; i++){
message += alert_text[i] + "\n";
// Also include a link to the spreadsheet
message += "\n"
+ "The complete history is available at "
+ spreadsheet.getUrl();
// If there is an email address send out a notification
if(email_address && email_address != "YOUR_EMAIL_HERE"){
MailApp.sendEmail(email_address, "Quality Score Tracker: Changes detected", message);

All the best