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how increase lead on high competition keyword

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currecntly i am getting 1 or 2 lead or conversion in 2 or 3 day...and i have set my budget 450/- daily

competition is very high on all health insurance and term insurance...


my currecnt cost/per lead is 400 to 500 so please help to decease this price and increase the conversion


Re: how increase lead on high competition keyword

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Hi Sachin,

Welcome to the community. AdWords is all about creating relevant and precise user experience. It seems that your keyword CPC is very high. In this scenario, I will suggest you to increase the relevance of your ad copy and landing page to lower your price. Besides, you should also try to search for other relevant keywords using keyword planner with lower bid. Keep working on delivering highly relevant user experience. Here is the checklist that you can consider in your attempt to decrease your spending.

1) Be careful with the keyword match types.
2) Keep close watch on your campaign
3) Create a precise negative keyword list to avoid unwanted spending
4) Think from the customers' perspective

I hope this helps.
Kapil M

Re: how increase lead on high competition keyword

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Getting conversion on high competitive keywords is not a easy task, here are some point for your help:


- Separate Keywords in to Different Adgroups

- Make Landing page and keywords relevant ads 

- Optimize landing page by using keywords 

- Add extensions for your campaign/Adgroup

- Use keywords with different match type

- Schedule campaign and increased bid for peak time

- Add negative keywords on regular basis

- Try Remarketing, it can be a good option for you.

- Use alternative keywords 




Re: how increase lead on high competition keyword

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Apart from above two make sure your landing page is very catchy, one should at least fill up form and eager to know more about products.