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how google trigger which ad to show on search network?

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Can someone let me know how / what google exactly find and trigger ad on the keyword which user types on search network.

I am seeing people are searching for my keywords but the ad is apearing is different.


Like I have keyword - kids birthday party halls 

but google shows simple ad which is only birthday party halls.

Even I have created seperate ad for kids birthday party it won't triggering.


Any information,


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Re: how google trigger which ad to show on search network?

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The simple answer is that the keyword which  results in a higher ad-rank will trigger the ad. However, there are so many  exceptions, that the number of combinations is a matrix you need a computer program to calculate the winning keyword....  In the past, the question:"which keyword would trigger the ad, if more than one keyword matched the search query"  was answered, due to the complexity, in a series of 3 (!) consecutive blog posts, 


The method, commonly used, to avoid the ad triggered by the wrong keyword  is to  avoid  "duplicate " keywords, or to use negative keyword. Other strategies would be to break keywords by match types - But I will keep that for another discussion. (Not to complicate the issue further).


Here is the modern,  simplified version, of the article I mentioned. (Read over  a cup of coffee in a quiet place...) 

How similar keywords match to search terms

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