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how do we find that (not set) or (not provided) keyword ?

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how do we find that (not set) or (not provided) keyword which is showing in GA & having good traffic  on it?

Re: how do we find that (not set) or (not provided) keyword ?

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Please read the probable causes for (not set) from here :




If (not set) is appearing in your AdWords reports, it means that the website you're tracking in the Analytics account is receiving visits from an AdWords account that is not linked as a cost source to the reporting view. You should review the following:

  • Auto-tagging is on but cost data is not applied (See: Missing Data in AdWords Reports)
  • There is a redirect in the URL
  • The gclid parameter is altered or dropped from the ad (See: CPC Data Not Collected)
  • Auto and manual tagging are being used at the same time
  • Manually tagged URLs are missing a parameter

Occasionally, information related to a click can be lost even if auto-tagging is enabled. As a result, you may see some (not set) entries instead of keyword, ad-content, or campaign information that could not be collected.  "


The (not provided) message is about secure searches from users who are connected in their google account.


However there are workarounds for this too, you can read more from here ( although it might seem very complicated )

Re: how do we find that (not set) or (not provided) keyword ?

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Wrt Adwords traffic in Analytics, it could be because your traffic is from Display Network or you did not link your adwords and analytics properly.

Refere here