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how do i know if my adwords are actually working

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i just started using adwords, for my website It seems like I am getting tons of views but how do i know if my ads are tailored to the right people?

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Re: how do i know if my adwords are actually working

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Please read:


Understanding your campaign status

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Re: how do i know if my adwords are actually working

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Hi jworthen, if I'm reading you correctly you're asking about the people that visit your site rather than whether Adwords is actually running, right?


One of the best metrics for measuring customer engagement is the Bounce Rate.  The Bounce Rate is a measure of how many people leave your site after viewing only the page they land upon.  So, if your site has 20 pages and you have a high bounce rate (I'd consider anything above roughly 25% to be "high") then this may indicate you're getting a lot of visitors who are finding your site not relevant to their search or their needs.


Bear in mind that it could also indicate that your site is very slow to load, or has poor navigation or some other factor that "scares people away" so think about this as well.


Bounce rate is measured in Google Analytics, which I hope you're running and the really good news is that you can now import Bounce rate figures into Adwords directly, so you can see the data against each Keyword and Ad.  Here's how:


Note that your Adwords and Analytics accounts must be linked before you can do this.  There's a link at the top of this reference to how to do that.



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