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how do i convert potential customers to higher clicks?

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i have a high number of potential customer 103,521 to be exact, but a lower proportion of clicks, how can i improve this conversion? 

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Re: how do i convert potential customers to higher clicks?

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When you say, "potential customers" are you talking about the number of impressions your ad(s) are getting?


The proportion of clicks to impressions is called Click-Through Rate (CTR).  In general, a low CTR is caused by using keywords that are not restrictive enough--either using "broad" match or using keyword phrases that are not closely related to what you're offering so that most of the people seeing the ad are not really interested in your product/service. I would avoid broad match, make use of Phrase and Exact match for keywords. I'd also look through my past search queries to find negative keywords I could add to block unwanted traffic.


Aside from that--check your ad messaging. It may be that your ads are simply not appealing to searchers. You might want to try different messaging.

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