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how do I bulk edit campaign running hours for 6am EST to latest 8pm?

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I have more than enough campaigns running to get back and set the campaign running hours one by one.  I'd like to automate rules in order for all campaigns to be running during 6am EST to 8pm EST since there aren't any actions after 8pm est.  Also I'd like to inquire if I can set the bids very low after 8pm to 12am est in a bulk edit manner than 1 by 1. 


your response is greatly appreciated!

Re: how do I bulk edit campaign running hours for 6am EST to latest 8p

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I have started with adding additional time with - different bids:


Go to Settings and look for:



There are advanced settings that you can add new times & adjust bids for each period.


Once you have added on the new period, adjusted the times as you discussed, take note of this campaign!


Now you can easily apply all of these changes to selected or every campaign in the account, with these steps:


1. Then select the settings tab - view all campaigns in the account

2.  Select all campaigns you want to change - via the tick box

3.  Click edit

4.  Find the campaign with the right time settings (if not visible, select via columns)

5. Copy these setting to the other campaigns

6. save.


All done.