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how cities work as keywords?

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Can someone help me understand whats the difference between adding a city as keyword and adding it as location in a campaign?  


if i make a campaign with location Vancouver and i put keyword

[coffee shop]

or keyword

[coffee shop vancouver]


should i add the city to every keyword on a campaign with location?


hope im explaining myself...if someone searches for coffee shop vancouver...will my add show if my exact match is [coffee shop] and my campaign is located in vancouver?

or it wont because the person added the word vancouver on the search?


thanks for your help!

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Re: how cities work as keywords?

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As Google explains in the following video adding a location name as a word within the keyword is a redundancy;


However; since location targeting is a not perfect, if you are targeting a small neighborhood / suburb or a small town, then  I would include the location name in the keyword.

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Re: how cities work as keywords?

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Im sorry, i still dont understand Smiley Sad
Video says is not necessary to add city name as you are already targeting the people on that area.

However does it changes depending the way the people in that area searches? if they add the city name will that change the adds shown? specially if my campaign uses exact match?

would google show the same on a location campaign if i put [keyword] or [keyword city]?

Finally i understand why you would add keyword for neighborhood since thats not part of location but why small town? if location actually targets any city then does it matter to add a small city name on keyword?

Thank you so much for your time!

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Re: how cities work as keywords?

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Hi Amel,

For targeting a location as large as Vancouver, it is not necessary to include geographic modifiers in the keywords. Most often, when you do that the keyword will show "Low Search Volume".

If you were targeting a small town, it doesn't work as well. Location for desktop users is mostly determined by the IP address. That means the location of the ISP. In a small town, where there is no ISP, geo-targeting won't work very well.

Best of Luck!

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