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how can I lower my max cost per click but still get on first page?

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I hear some of my competitors say there paying only 50 cents a click and are staying on the first page and to the top I tried setting my max cpc to 10- cents and raising my mobile bid adjustment but still no good results

Re: how can I lower my max cost per click but still get on first page?

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Hi Kerey,

From what I understand, you are bidding at 10 cents max cpc? How much are you raising for your mobile CPC bids? through calculation, @ 300% bid adjustment, you are only bidding at 40cents per click. The bid would be too low to place your ads in a reasonable ad position to generate clicks and improve your CTR. (as compared to the 50cents/click your competitors are bidding.)

As CPC bids are determined by a lot of factors when going into auction, several factors are attributed. Your competitors may have very good quality score for their keywords, hence able to bid at a lower CPC while staying on first page & top of page.

To improve your CPC bids, you would have to improve your keyword quality score, CTR , landing page/adtext relevance is important. Below is a link of how quality score affects you.

Some best practices to use:
1) negative keyword addition - to filter unwanted traffic and improve your CTR
2) Adtext A/B testing - to test and optimise your adtext to generate traffic.
3) Landing page relevance

Once you have improved your overall campaign performance, your CPC bids should lower, allowing you to have a lower bid.