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exact or broad match keywords vs. conversion boost for Eshop

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Hello Guys,

please can anyone share with me his experiance in terms of best strategy for achieveing Eshop conversions? I mean if I know which keywords are bringing sales is better to set them as broad or exact match? I see there are more PPC Gurus with different approaches. My converting keywords address more wide category of subproducts. Thats why Im not sure.

Thanks for feedback.

Best regards from Mike.

Re: exact or broad match keywords vs. conversion boost for Eshop

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Hi Mikal, how are things?


Personally, I don't approach keyword match types by choosing only one of them.


As part of best practices, it's recommended that you have the same keyword with multiple match types. This will provide insights for those keywords that maybe you weren't able to think about at the campaign creation.


For me, I think that if possible, you should always go with all kinds of match types, specially the negative one. Negative keywords is a feature that incredibly a lot advertisers don't use, and it's mostly important specially when have broad keywords. Well...if you have the keyword "new car" you wouldn't like your ads showing for queries as "car accidents" right!? So in this case, you include "accidents" as a negative keyword.


Broader keywords combined with negative ones, are great to provide insights and to discover new keywords for you to bid on and also to include as negative that you will see on the Search Term Report.


I think that you will find this two topics very helpful:


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click