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exact match question ('and' or '&')

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Hello There,


in my search term report i got a lot of high CTR and conversion searches for:


1. [suites & villas]

2. [suites and villas]


Would you suggest to set both as exact keywords in an adgroup or 2 different ad groups? Or does google consider these as close variants? the editor did not report these as duplicates...


thanks for your help in advance





Re: exact match question ('and' or '&&

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Hi Lookbali, how are things?

When you use EXACT MATCH, Google consider each term as an individual keyword and do not make close variants, because of the match type you're using. So the keyword is stated exactly as it is written.

You can put them all together within the same AdGroup. There's absolutely NO NEED to put each one on individual AdGroup.

That thing of separating each term on individual groups makes no sense at all. Don't listen to that. It will only create a hard account structure for you to keep track.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click