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eBay competitors ads showing up in Google shopping but not mine?

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My competitors ad's are showing up with images in google shopping, on most cases most of my competitors are showing up for every ad. Unfortanetely mine are only showing up sometimes. I have contacted eBay and they said they are doing everything on there end to ensure my ad's are getting pushed to google.


The only thing I can think of is my ad's on eBay, are effecting me from all my products showing up on google shopping.


Any help would be apprecaited we feel its important that we tackle this problem.

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Re: eBay competitors ads showing up in Google shopping but not mine?

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bid and quality factors determine outcomes in the (google-shopping) auctions.


if your physical inventory listings are being submitted from both

a private website and by another website (marketplace) such as

ebay that can at a minimum cause self-competition in the auctions,

(and therefore very poor performance within google-shopping) and

can be grounds for items to be removed from the listing, disapproval,

or possible suspension from the program -- google-shopping has a

one listing per product policy.


generally, either submit items from a single private website

or have the listing submitted by a single marketplace such

as ebay -- but not both.


google-shopping images should be around 300x300 pixels

and should display only the product -- clearly, without any

text, watermarks, or logos of any kind; limiting the amount

of border space may also help.


images with any text, watermarks, or logos of any kind or

extremely large or extremely small image sizes can also

prevent an item or image from being listed.


of course, if the same physical inventory is being submitted

from two sites that is generally a policy violation and may

necessarily increase the probability that one or the other

will be dropped from the auctions or trigger a policy flag.


Re: eBay competitors ads showing up in Google shopping but not mine?

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I too have this problem.  My photos are high quality images with stark white backgrounds.  We have met all the eBay formatting suggestions to improve our listing quality with Google.  Yet despite all this very few of our listings show up in Google Shopping.  eBay says that nothing looks wrong on their end and it must be an issue on Googles side.  So frustrating to see competitors on eBay with horrible photos and vague descriptions getting top results when we are not showing up at all.  What else can be done?  Can Google help with this or will they just push me back to eBay to resolve the issue?  I have already talked to eBay extensively about this issue and they cant give me any additional details or help.  I feel stuck in the middle with no one that will help me.

Re: eBay competitors ads showing up in Google shopping but not mine?

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yes, marketplace-support must resolve any

and all issues and should contact google on

your behalf, if contacting google is required --

in this case, ebay-support.


"high quality images with stark white"

if the images are too high quality (too large)

or have too much (white) space in relation to

the actual product, then those issues can

cause the image not to be properly crawled

and cached -- items without a (crawled and

cached) image will not show.


if a specific image is properly crawled and is

showing for a specific item, only someone who

has access to the server and account can say --

in this case, ebay's servers and ebay's account

(the marketplace-seller's sub-account).


generally, if the image seems too large try reducing

the size to approximately 300x300 pixels or so --

and cropping the image so that a very minimum

of (white) space surrounds the product.


of course, there are dozens of other issues that can

prevent an item from being properly processed or

winning in the auctions and shown on google-shopping.


Re: eBay competitors ads showing up in Google shopping but not mine?

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Thanks Celebird for this excellent answer. I have a follow-up question. We have many competitors, Sweetwater Sound and B&H Photo are two for example, that run Product Listing Ad campaigns via Google Shopping in addition to offering exactly the same items (same manufacturer part numbers, same UPC, same prices) in the eBay stores. Consequently, they do have more than one listing in Google Shopping for the same products. Are they getting around the "one listing per product policy" because technically they don't control the listing coming from eBay? Do some advertisers (in your opinion) choose to accept the self-competition in favor of gaining more market share by having more than one listing (i.e. one regular Google Merchant Center submission and one from their eBay store)?