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driving new players to browser based online game through Adwords

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Hi All Smiley Happy


Currently we are running an adwords campagin to drive new players to our browser-based game.


I have two questions here:


First question:

Does Adwords support server side pixels so we can set up the conversion to track players (we are currently tracking only registrations)


Second one:


Yesterday we launched a client (8 MB only) to make accessing the game easier to our customers so is there anyway to track installations ?


Appreciate your kind help





Re: driving new players to browser based online game through Adwords

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Hi Souliman,
Question 1: You cannot track on-click activity, such as playing a game, via AdWords Conversion Tracking, but you can set up Event Tracking through Google Analytics which could track this activity. Then, you could import it to AdWords as a Conversion -
Event Tracking -

Import Conversions in to AdWords -

2) If the installation results in a new page loading, such as a "Thank You for Installing" page, yes, you could track. Otherwise, again, I'd suggest Event Tracking in Google Analytics. This won't tell you if they completed the process, but can give you an idea of how they started the process and from there, you can develop a proxy for how many actually complete installation.